Thank you very much for visiting our site SSJ Wallpaper Italian Design wallpaper manufacturer is proud to introduce wide range of luxury Italian Design wallpaper pvc,non woven, flocking , natural material luxury wallpaper.

Kindly note some information about our company:

Please kindly note we give 10 free catalogues per each collections ordered for every 20 foot container and 20 free catalogues per collection ordered for every 40 foot container.

Please note our prices are based on our warehouse in Asia , we have two factories and huge warehouses in Singapore and Asia, Europe and USA  where we send the goods from.

Please note our Italian designers and Italian engineers control our luxury high wallpaper quality and we have distributors all over the world, Please kindly note you can see all our 2015 collections on: www.ssjwallpaper.com and also our full collections on Facebook

Please note we deliver catalogues and cartons and books with our client’s address and logo if required, we can provide any modification you need to our labels .

Our catalogues are not free of charge, but if you want i will send you some samples of our best collection, let me know if you want toreceive them. Our delivery is very quick , maximum 15 – 20 days from order in case we do not have all the rolls in stock. Our payment terms are : 30% deposit with order and remaining 70% upon goods departure.